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particular:      Date: 2023-06-20

  First of all, people are the main body of the activities of the quality inspection agencies, in the "product" before and after the formation, whether sampling or inspection, are done by the people, the quality of the quality of the direct impact of the quality of inspection work, but also affect Its "product" quality. In accordance with ISO / IEC 25 guideline 6.1 and 6.2, "the inspection laboratory shall have sufficient personnel which shall be subject to education, training and appropriate technical knowledge and experience in accordance with the tasks undertaken by it", " To ensure that their staff can be trained in a timely manner. " The quality of the staff is an important factor in ensuring the quality of the report. In addition to personnel in addition to business, technical training, but also should be ideological and moral, political, policy and legal concepts in education, in order to improve the overall quality of personnel to ensure the quality of inspection work.

  Secondly, to strengthen the management of the equipment in the experimental environment, ISO / IEC 25 Guideline 7.2 states: "The environment in which the test is conducted shall not affect the effectiveness of the results or the adverse effects on the required measurement accuracy." ISO / IEC25 Guidance 8.1 and 9.1 also provide that: "The laboratory shall be equipped with all equipment (including reference materials) for proper calibration and inspection." Where the measurement and inspection equipment, which affects the accuracy or effectiveness of the test, must be calibrated or verified before being put into use. Inspection must be in a certain environmental conditions, by a certain precision of the equipment, environmental conditions and equipment is the normal conditions for the normal inspection work, the lack of these conditions, inspection can not be carried out, it is impossible to form our "product" The Therefore, in the inspection work, must be in accordance with the requirements of inspection methods, with the appropriate equipment, and to strengthen the daily management of equipment to ensure that it is always in good condition.

Third, pay attention to the current validity of product standards and test methods. "Standardization" will be divided into national standards, national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards four, according to their binding is divided into mandatory standards and recommended standards of two categories, the original local enterprise standards and professional standards have been void The "Standardization" Article XIV clearly states that "mandatory standards must be implemented." Industry quality classification and acceptance rules, inspection rules, product quality indicators, as mandatory standards, to be mandatory, other production basis (has been filed for the entry into force of the enterprise standard, valid product design and specifications, etc.) in the confirmation is being used Organizational production, must be mandatory implementation; strict mandatory standards of enterprise internal control standards, recommended standards and effective purchase and sales contracts subject to the consent of the enterprise before use. At present, the standard of enterprise use is more flexible than the past, the relative increase in the number of enterprise standards. The same product, the requirements of different enterprise standards are not the same, which gave the quality inspection agency inspection work has brought a lot of difficulties, to the correct choice of the standard to add a lot of difficulty. Some enterprise standards, although the "record", and in its product logo on the express implementation, but the enterprise standard requirements below the mandatory standards, we will not use the test work in the invalid enterprise standards. If I found in the sampling work, a production of compound fertilizer products, the use of its corporate standards, after I review, the enterprise standards, although the local technical supervision department "record", but its quality indicators lower than GB15063 "complex Mixed fertilizer "national mandatory standards, I am in the implementation of supervision and sampling of the product, the strict accordance with national mandatory standards as a basis for the decision, therefore, must choose the correct, applicable, the current effective standards to ensure inspection and inspection reports the quality of. The general principle of selecting the standard is: first select the national mandatory standards, no mandatory standards from time to time, should be selected products used in the industry standards, national recommended standards. If the above two cases are not, you should choose to be seized product manufacturers registered business standards. It is important to note that the same type of product other companies can not be used as the basis for the test.

  Fourth, the formation of the inspection report to formulate the corresponding supporting the management system. Such as ensuring that the sampling of the sample management system; to ensure that the sample quality status does not change, do not lose, no error of the sample custody system; to ensure environmental conditions, equipment and equipment to meet the requirements, the operation of standardized laboratory management system , And the system into the "Quality Management Manual". These are the quality management institutions to carry out scientific management, to ensure the quality of inspection reports an important basis for the serious implementation of this scientific and rigorous system is to improve the quality of the basic guarantee.

  Fifth, inspectors in the preparation of inspection reports, should also pay attention to the normative test report. In practice, the main should pay attention to the following questions:

1. Original records: including the original observation records, calculation and export of data, should ensure that the real and reliable, the original record should not be re-copied "original" records. Original records should try to use a unified recommendation format. The name of the sample "Mongolian wines" shall not be written as "Mongolian king" and "aircraft toys" shall not be written as "aircraft" in the name of the unit, Changes in the original record, the use of national standards should be modified by the method. Such as writing errors need to be changed when the error is a horizontal line, the correct record written in the vicinity of the error, and stamped to change the special chapter.

2. The use of units of measurement should be "legal units of measurement" and pay attention to several principles: First, the priority of the use of symbolic principles, the second is the unit of measurement of Chinese characters or symbols must be as a whole must not open the use of principles, Unit Chinese characters and symbols can not be mixed with the principle.

3. Data processing: The data processing method of the test result can be changed according to GB 1 2 5 0 - 1 9 8 9 "Representation method and determination method of limit value" and GB 8 1 7 0 - 1 9 8 7 " Rules "two standards require processing, and pay attention to special data processing methods.

4. Test results and test conclusions: When the test results in the measured value is close to the standard value, but the full value of the comparison method or repair value comparison method are judged as unqualified, for the sake of prudence, should be the same conditions Measured several times, whichever is the average; or use other test methods to test, check the degree of its reproducibility. According to the test results, according to the relevant standards used to accurately test the test results under the sample. The sample submitted to the commissioning unit can be written as "the sample has been tested to meet the standard requirements", no full project inspection, can be written as "the sample by the inspection of indicators meet the standard requirements." The quality inspection agencies in person at the scene randomly selected samples can be written under the conclusion of "the batch of products this sampling qualified", if the test products using the recommended standard as the basis for judging, can be written as "the batch of products tested by the ... ... standard "If the above conclusion is judged to be" unqualified "or" does not meet the standard requirements ", the unqualified item should be indicated. This allows the reading report to have a clear understanding of the test results.

5. Inspection report logo and chapter problem: According to the "measurement method" Article 22 provides: "for the community to provide fair data of product quality inspection agencies, must be above the provincial level people's government measurement management capacity of its test and reliable Sex assessment qualified. " After the measurement of qualified by the measurement, in its inspection report cover should be used CMA logo; "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law," Article XI provides that "product quality inspection agencies must have the appropriate testing conditions and capabilities, The people's government quality supervision departments after passing the examination, can bear the product quality inspection work. " Therefore, the quality inspection agency inspection capacity by the quality supervision and management departments after passing, in its inspection report cover should be used on the C A L logo, which is the test report has the necessary conditions for legal effect. The relevant person in the inspection report shall sign or seal it with its seal, and no code or code shall be used to confirm the authenticity of the inspection report.

  Sixth, improve the quality inspection agency quality system audit and review system. In accordance with Article 5.3 of the Guidelines, the Laboratory shall review its work on a regular basis to verify that its operation continues to meet the requirements of the quality system. "When the audit finds that the correctness or validity of the laboratory test results is questionable, the laboratory shall take corrective action immediately and notify all the parties that may have been affected in writing". We can in a certain period of time to check a certain number of inspection reports, the inspection report and its related to the original records, sampling orders, approval procedures for review, the timely detection of the existence of the inspection work, and the data error or wrong information Notify the consignor to reduce the loss to the client. At the same time, we have to take appropriate measures to solve the problem, and constantly improve the quality of inspection reports and inspection work quality.

  Seventh, the establishment of data comparison system. The review of the inspection report system is focused on whether the inspection procedures, methods, data processing and reporting of the expression, format, etc. meet the requirements of the inspection, and data comparison system is focused on the "data" is accurate and reliable inspection. It is the same sample of some indicators by different agencies, different personnel or the use of test methods to test, compare the differences between the data, and then find a problem in the work of a method. (Cf. ISO / IEC25 Guideline 5.6 (b) (e) (d), "Participation in competency comparison between trials and other laboratories"). "Re-inspection of retained samples". "Repeated testing with the same or different methods".

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