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Imported old mechanical and electrical products are no longer designated pre-shipment inspection agencies

particular:      Date: 2017-04-07

  Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued the 187th Order, in accordance with the decision of the State Council to cancel and decentralize the administrative examination and approval project, in order to further clear the removal of imported machinery and electronic products pre-shipment inspection agencies designated, the State Administration of Quality Supervision decided to "import of old mechanical and electrical products inspection supervision and management Measures "Article VII to add a paragraph as the second" AQSIQ shall not be designated inspection agencies engaged in the import of used mechanical and electrical products before shipment inspection. " The decision to designate a pre-shipment inspection agency for the old mechanical and electrical machinery will be implemented on April 1, 2017. This is intended to improve the administrative efficiency and quality of public management services and further decentralization.

  Pre-shipment inspection is a kind of inspection method which is often used in international trade. It is a kind of measure which is carried out by the inspection institution to carry on pre-shipment inspection and verification to all product quality, quantity, price, commodity classification and so on. Imported old mechanical and electrical products pre-shipment inspection is to ensure that imports of used mechanical and electrical products in line with China's laws, administrative regulations and technical norms of the mandatory requirements to prevent the import of old mechanical and electrical products in the fraud, protect people's lives and safety, protect the environment, interest.

  Suzhou, Suzhou, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant enterprises, the pre-shipment inspection and inspection market open, is conducive to apply for inspection of the nearest enterprises to choose a qualified inspection agencies to facilitate the rational use of time, arrange sailing, cost savings, cost. But no longer specify the pre-shipment inspection agency does not mean to cancel the pre-shipment inspection of this procedure, the enterprise can choose the pre-shipment inspection company, but the relevant procedures still to be implemented. Enterprises in the choice of pre-shipment inspection agencies, we should pay attention to select the pre-shipment inspection qualification of third-party inspection agencies.

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