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The process is not standardized 3 denture manufacturers were revoked license

particular:      Date: 2017-04-07

  Beijing business newspaper (Reporter Wu Wenzhi Guo Baiyu) last year, "3.15" exposure of the denture production of the shady so that the industry has been widely concerned about. Beijing Business Daily reporter on March 14 from the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration was informed that from March last year, Beijing has launched a one-year customized denture production, the use of special rectification, a total of 44 production enterprises to be placed on file Punish and revoke the three denture production enterprise license.

  In the inspection, the law enforcement officers noted that some enterprises there are metal raw materials and incomplete collection of materials, non-metallic raw materials without Chinese labels, not to establish a disinfection system or disinfection records are not complete, the production of non-registered Denture products, the use of non-registered certificate or No Chinese logo raw materials, factory inspection is not standardized and other issues. In view of the problems found in the inspection, food and drug supervision departments revoked the "Beijing North mouth denture Technology Research Co., Ltd." and "Beijing porcelain are loyalty medical supplies Co., Ltd." medical device registration certificate and medical equipment production license; revoked "Beijing Lianzhong four Up to denture technology center, "the medical device production license; a total of 23 production enterprises were placed on file for punishment, to give five production units administrative warning.

  Beijing Medical and Drug Administration Director of the Department of Medical Devices Sun Jingsheng said, "medical device registration card" and "medical device production permit" are denture products and denture production enterprises of the permit, revoke these certificates that the corresponding product can no longer Is produced, enterprises can no longer engage in the corresponding production activities. In the city of the custom denture use units of the inspection, a total of 21 units to give the case for punishment, 42 units using administrative warning. In addition, in the city's custom denture units using the inspection, a total of 21 units to give the case for punishment, 42 units using administrative warning. Dentures in the production and use of the industry, the relevant departments have been improving the quality and safety standards, strict industry access.

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